Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Serj Kalichev 9970e0a308 Remove debug messages 3 days ago
  Serj Kalichev 5b0a0df04f kcontext_printf() for 'silent' syms 3 days ago
  Serj Kalichev b32ebd13e9 Unfinished 'silent' sym processing 4 days ago
  Serj Kalichev 20f1d46655 Extend sym_new_ext() for 'silent' flag 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 077fa07a46 Flag 'silent' for sym 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 832d50eb12 Implement keys ^U, ^W, ^K, ^Y 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev c318f22353 Client can print server notifications 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 09e4c28c6c Log protocol problems 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 7e6b9a2796 Show unsupported command code in hex 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 1b56ef3809 Line with spaces only is not legal command 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 4af6fd4660 Fix error message for illegal command 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev d9cd636238 Use raw mode tty for interactive commands 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 5af5187191 tinyrl: native and raw modes 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 0b28270e0a tinyrl: Rename default_termios field to saved_termios 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 79062a0e8c Client can send empty commands to server. Server answers with renewed prompt 1 week ago
  Serj Kalichev 4b3a0def7e Place plugins and dbs to standard place /usr/lib with names libklish-plugin-... and libklish-db-... 2 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 7d3b36e11f Fix retcode of klish client 2 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev c1f638f711 Retcode for client is 0 or first non-null context_t retcode within pipeline 2 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 6dcb564821 Sym for syslog 2 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 541f28e9be Fix previous commit. Add new file 2 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev f3f23f6797 Template for syslog logging sym 2 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 466c20446b Execute log callback 2 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 0c3a867be0 It's possible to set parent_context and parent_exec to context structure 2 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev aa37ad2e4b Add parent_context field to kcontext_t structure 2 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev 48cd7428fb Get LOG tag from XML 3 weeks ago
  Serj Kalichev e3e316c428 Fix fd closing for grabber process 1 month ago
  Serj Kalichev 49ef80b31c Fix 'grabber' for async commands 1 month ago
  Serj Kalichev 254c354bbd Remove now unneeded workaround 1 month ago
  Serj Kalichev 08e40f4fdb Limit server's buffers 1 month ago
  Serj Kalichev 0863763438 Stop receiving data from client if stdin buffer is full. Server 1 month ago