klish-2.1.3 and klish-2.0.6

Added by Serj Kalichev 9 months ago

Bugfix releases.
Fix bug with wrong shebang while VAR expanding within ACTION script.

klish-2.1.2 and klish-2.0.5

Added by Serj Kalichev 11 months ago

Bugfix release. It's strongly recommended to update your klish.

The problem is with FIFO races. You can get it when use something like 'yourscript &' in ACTION script. Klish can hang when cpu is under the high load.


Added by Serj Kalichev over 1 year ago

Bugfix release. It's recommended to update from version klish-2.1.0. The klish-2.1.1 fix regression (2.1.0) with signal handling, CDATA container (libxml2), xslt configuring. Add rtld_global=true/false attribute for PLUGIN tag.


Added by Serj Kalichev over 1 year ago

The klish now supports XSLT transformations. The project can be build with --with-libxslt option. The XSLT engine needs libxml2 library. The clish utility has --xslt(-p) option to set stylesheet file. The embedded stylesheets is also supported.

The plugin mechanism has new CLISH_PLUGIN_OSYM() API to define ACTION functions. This mechanism allows to get all ACTION's stdout output to internal variable. VARs use this internal variable to get their values. See clish_script() function for exmaple. Such function must be added by clish_plugin_add_osym() function. The old API is also supported.

Hardware problems

Added by Serj Kalichev almost 2 years ago

There were a hardware problems with klish server for a several days. Now the problems are fixed.

klish-2.0.4 and klish-1.7.1

Added by Serj Kalichev about 2 years ago

Bugfix release. The bug with the null symbol at the end of script was fixed. It's important for some shebangs. The using of Lua as a shabang was broken before this fix.


Added by Serj Kalichev about 2 years ago

Bugfix release. The clish plugin is linked to tinyrl now. The klish output (when the enter is pressed) is flushed now.


Added by Serj Kalichev over 2 years ago

Bugfix release.

  • Check access attribute for command links.
  • Fix bug with empty ini file value parsing.
  • Resolve PTYPE for "args" in a right way. Fix segmentation fault.
  • Fix lua plugin build.

It's strongly recommended to update klish.


Added by Serj Kalichev over 2 years ago

Fix access rights checking. Fix debug mode


Added by Serj Kalichev over 2 years ago

The klish-2.0.0 contains many changes. The main ones is plugin subsystem and user defined hooks.
The user can create his own shared library (.so file) with special API and export symbols to use as builtin functions within ACTION. Also shared object can export its own hooks (hook for access, for communication to confd, ...).
The plugin using is controlled by XML files. There are new tags: PLUGIN and HOOK. So to use your own C-based code with klish you don't need to recompile klish. Just create a plugin. See plugin examples in plugin/ dir within klish source tree.

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