From 09/08/2015 to 10/07/2015


01:21 PM klish-2.1.1
Bugfix release. It's recommended to update from version klish-2.1.0. The klish-2.1.1 fix regression (2.1.0) with sign... Serj Kalichev
01:14 PM klish-2.1.1.tar.xz
Bugfix. CDATA, signals, xslt config Serj Kalichev
12:46 PM Revision a2e3b233 (klish): klish-2.1.1
Serj Kalichev


06:52 PM Revision e0de2286 (klish): Cleanup XML parser function
Serj Kalichev
06:00 PM Revision cca1d66a (klish): Fix signal blocking behaviour
Serj Kalichev
02:15 PM Revision e6cb02f6 (klish): Add rtld_global option for PLUGIN tag
Serj Kalichev


11:50 PM Bug #17 (Rejected): cannot find after checkinstall (ubuntu 14.04)
Probably you need configure klish with --prefix=/usr configure option Serj Kalichev
11:43 PM Bug #18 (Rejected): core dump after run clish without params (assert in release)
The cause is absence of XML configs and so the absence of STARTUP tag. The klish search for the XML files in /etc/cli... Serj Kalichev
11:37 PM Feature #15 (Rejected): Multi-line configuation value
We use an execution of something like nano editor or vi in this case. It's not good to use such multi-line value beca... Serj Kalichev
11:30 PM Bug #16 (Rejected): build from source 1.7.1 version on ubuntu 14.04
It's expected behaviour Serj Kalichev


08:03 PM Bug #18 (Rejected): core dump after run clish without params (assert in release)
Os: Ubuntu 14.04
platform: x64
Why not disabled assert in release?
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/ clish
07:40 PM Bug #17 (Rejected): cannot find after checkinstall (ubuntu 14.04)
1) ./configure && make
2) sudo apt-get install checkinstall
3) sudo checkinstall
4) clish
clish: error while load...
07:27 PM Bug #16 (Rejected): build from source 1.7.1 version on ubuntu 14.04
step to reproduce:
1) install ubuntu without libexplat1-dev
2) run configure
cd <path_to_src>
3) ma...
01:58 PM Revision 090b4e6c (klish): libxml2: Read CDATA context in the same way as TEXT context.
Serj Kalichev


10:26 PM Revision 7f0a11c9 (klish): Fix configure checking for libxslt
Serj Kalichev
04:17 PM klish-2.1.0
The klish now supports XSLT transformations. The project can be build with --with-libxslt option. The XSLT engine nee... Serj Kalichev
04:07 PM klish-2.1.0.tar.xz
XSLT support Serj Kalichev
04:01 PM Revision b905487c (klish): Minor fix for expat XML engine
Serj Kalichev


01:50 PM Revision a9d396bd (klish): Rename clish_xmlnodetype_t to clish_xmlnodetype_e
Serj Kalichev
01:44 PM Revision 0c228725 (klish): Rename konf_query_op_t to konf_query_op_e
Serj Kalichev
01:42 PM Revision de9c0be9 (klish): Rename tinyrl_vt100_escape_t to tinyrl_vt100_escape_e
Serj Kalichev
01:39 PM Revision 33f80ec7 (klish): Rename clish_view_restore_t to clish_view_restore_e
Serj Kalichev
01:36 PM Revision 3b893bbe (klish): Rename clish_pargv_status_t to clish_pargv_status_e
Serj Kalichev
01:33 PM Revision 6a561109 (klish): Rename clish_nspace_visibility_t to clish_nspace_visibility_e
Serj Kalichev
01:29 PM Revision a76db95c (klish): Rename clish_config_op_t to clish_config_op_e
Serj Kalichev


06:45 PM Revision df27ec21 (klish): Rename clish_shell_var_t to clish_shell_var_e
Serj Kalichev
06:44 PM Revision b683ac25 (klish): Rename clish_shell_state_t to clish_shell_state_e
Serj Kalichev
06:41 PM Revision 690495c6 (klish): Function to expand only specific types of var. By Peter Kosyh
Serj Kalichev
05:33 PM Revision 5cd3b32c (klish): Add --with-libxslt configure option
Serj Kalichev
02:24 PM Revision aa2765ee (klish): Klish can use embedded stylesheets
Serj Kalichev


05:37 PM Revision 8463f7cb (klish): Implement --xslt option
Serj Kalichev


06:51 PM Revision 42cd18bc (klish): xslt: Some code for xslt support
Serj Kalichev


05:33 PM Revision 7c65fd3a (klish): Check for max buffer size in stdout grabber
Serj Kalichev
05:01 PM Revision 0887de2f (klish): stdout grabber use little chunks
Serj Kalichev


12:16 AM Feature #15 (Rejected): Multi-line configuation value
On cisco-style devices, you have commands such as:
banner motd delimiter message delimiter
you can do something l...
08:01 PM Revision cf35f204 (klish): The stdout is auto-grabbed for osym() symbols
Serj Kalichev


11:23 PM Revision a53b1ffa (klish): Unfinished CLISH_SYM_API_STDOUT support
Serj Kalichev
10:04 PM Revision 1ee6361c (klish): Add osym API for builtin funcs
Serj Kalichev

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