The klish is a framework for implementing a CISCO-like CLI on a UNIX systems. It is configurable by XML files. The KLISH stands for Kommand Line Interface Shell. I know that "command" starts with "c" :) .

The klish is a fork of clish 0.7.3 project ( The original clish was developed by Graeme McKerrell. The klish obtain some new features but it's compatible (as much as possible) with clish's XML configuration files. The author of klish project is Serj Kalichev.

The main target for the klish is a Linux platform. Additionally it can be build on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, QNX. The klish project is written in C.

The klish development is sponsored by "Factor-TS" company


The following link is a stable repository. Note you need branch 2.2:

Master branch contains development files for new fully rewritten klish version. It's not functional yet.

New development version is based on libfaux library ( Old stable klish (branch 2.2) doesn't need libfaux.

Mailing lists


Use klish mailing list to send patches.
The best practice is to use "git format-patch" to format patch and "git send-email" to send it. It's great when the patch (or email) contain description for patch.

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