From 02/06/2014 to 03/07/2014


05:28 PM Feature #3 (Closed): Hyper Threading
Probably it will be good to spread IRQs owned by CPU to CPU's thread siblings. Serj Kalichev
05:17 PM Version 1.1.1
Sometimes while a really high load the previous version of birq can mistakenly blacklist IRQs on start. It was fixed ... Serj Kalichev
05:12 PM birq-1.1.1.tar.xz
Fix wrong IRQ blacklisting Serj Kalichev
05:09 PM Revision 4ea8f136 (birq): birq-1.1.1
Serj Kalichev
04:49 PM Revision 1e5c1ba3 (birq): Fix wrong IRQ blacklisting.
It's a rare situation under the high load. Serj Kalichev


01:05 PM Feature #2 (Closed): PCI bus custom NUMA binding
Implemented in birq-1.1.0 Serj Kalichev


02:14 PM Revision 62f271dd (birq): Remove dead assignment
Serj Kalichev


06:13 PM Revision da82bfb3 (birq): Fix extra warnings
Serj Kalichev


06:05 PM Version 1.1.0
The proximity configuration file is implemented. It's useful for platforms with broken NUMA node proximity. Using thi... Serj Kalichev


06:27 PM birq-1.1.0.tar.xz
Proximity config file Serj Kalichev
06:26 PM Revision 94eb0b50 (birq): Fix missing script is too old
Serj Kalichev
01:27 PM Revision d9c02e5b (birq): Change version to 1.1.0
Serj Kalichev


06:45 PM Revision ae4b2d85 (birq): Fiex getline() while pxm parsing
Serj Kalichev


02:21 PM Revision 40a4805b (birq): Cleanup
Serj Kalichev
02:10 PM Revision 2319f07c (birq): Parse proximity config file
Serj Kalichev
11:35 AM Revision fd13ba59 (birq): Add files
Serj Kalichev


06:52 PM Revision 702b1586 (birq): Unfinished pxm
Serj Kalichev


11:13 AM Revision c7982329 (birq): Add proximity.c
Serj Kalichev


06:01 PM birq-1.0.0.tar.xz
First version of birq project. Serj Kalichev
05:48 PM Revision 8ca23777 (birq): Fix help text
Serj Kalichev


06:20 PM Feature #2 (Closed): PCI bus custom NUMA binding
Some servers with broken NUMA bindings (probably broken DSDT) can't bind PCI devices to right NUMA nodes. It leads to... Serj Kalichev
06:04 PM First version of birq project
The first version of birq project was released! Enjoy! :) Serj Kalichev


01:49 PM Revision ecebce35 (birq): Default strategy is random. Default theshold is 99.0
Serj Kalichev
12:59 PM Revision 1156bd1a (birq): Fix random strategy
Serj Kalichev
12:00 PM Revision 1be921fd (birq): Add irq choose strategy
Serj Kalichev


12:25 AM Revision 8dc73be7 (birq): Fix search for most overloaded CPU
Serj Kalichev
07:20 PM Revision 4e2ee94f (birq): Save old_load for CPU
Serj Kalichev
06:55 PM Revision 25771294 (birq): Rename dont_move flag to weight
Serj Kalichev
04:49 PM Revision bd2707d0 (birq): Blacklist IRQs like timer
Serj Kalichev
04:06 PM Revision 174128c9 (birq): Dont confuse with HT
Serj Kalichev
03:29 PM Revision 102609d5 (birq): Don't move IRQs with intr=0
Serj Kalichev
03:21 PM Revision 3e034f40 (birq): Fix uninitialized vars
Serj Kalichev
03:16 PM Revision e3bd38dd (birq): Disable moving to non-local CPUs
Serj Kalichev
03:08 PM Revision 533e79a5 (birq): Add -i and -I options for intervals
Serj Kalichev
02:34 PM Revision 8fc6cbe2 (birq): Args for time intervals
Serj Kalichev


10:04 PM Revision 2b2c1b44 (birq): Fix get affinity
Serj Kalichev
05:49 PM Revision 9768b76d (birq): Unfinished get_affinity()
Serj Kalichev
05:19 PM Revision afdbedb5 (birq): Some warning cleanup
Serj Kalichev

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