klish - Kommand Line Interface Shell: klish-2.0.0

Added by Serj Kalichev about 7 years ago

The klish-2.0.0 contains many changes. The main ones is plugin subsystem and user defined hooks.
The user can create his own shared library (.so file) with special API and export symbols to use as builtin functions within ACTION. Also shared object can export its own hooks (hook for access, for communication to confd, ...).
The plugin using is controlled by XML files. There are new tags: PLUGIN and HOOK. So to use your own C-based code with klish you don't need to recompile klish. Just create a plugin. See plugin examples in plugin/ dir within klish source tree.

klish - Kommand Line Interface Shell: klish-1.7.0

Added by Serj Kalichev about 7 years ago

The 1.7 is a last stable branch of klish version 1. The bugfixes only will be added to 1.7 branch.
  • Tinyrl fix. Don't ignore first slash in parameter.
  • Don't inherit service file descriptors while ACTION execution.
  • Never show ACTION scripts in ps.
  • Add files for buildroot-2014.08

The klish-2.0.0 coming soon.

birq - Balance IRQs: Version 1.1.1

Added by Serj Kalichev almost 8 years ago

Sometimes while a really high load the previous version of birq can mistakenly blacklist IRQs on start. It was fixed in birq-1.1.1. Also some warnings were fixed.

birq - Balance IRQs: Version 1.1.0

Added by Serj Kalichev almost 8 years ago

The proximity configuration file is implemented. It's useful for platforms with broken NUMA node proximity. Using this configuration file, the user can set PCI device proximity to a specific NUMA node or to a subset of CPUs (CPU mask).


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