birq - Balance IRQs: birq-1.6.0 and birq-1.5.1

Added by Serj Kalichev 27 days ago

The birq-1.5.1 is bugfix release. The command line options "--threshold" and "--load-limit" were fixed (same options in config file were ok). The 1.5 branch has a mess with command line options, config file options and config re-read by SIGHUP. So it's recommended to use new birq-1.6.0.

The birq-1.6.0 has new config file option "use-cpus". It's a affinity mask. It can coexist with older "exclude-cpus" option. The real affinity will be 'affinity = <use-cpus> & ~<exclude_cpus>'. The command line options for IRQ processing (like strategy, threshold, intervals etc.) will be removed. That options can be defined by the config file only now.

klish - Kommand Line Interface Shell: klish-2.1.4

Added by Serj Kalichev over 2 years ago

Mostly bugfix release.

  • Fix nested up function when start depth is not 0
  • Interactive mode can't be 1 when isatty is 0
  • Fix args string encoding
  • Fix waiting for child processes

New feature is printing commands in canonical form. You can filter your startup-config with klish. It will check a syntax and output startup-config commands with spaces before them. Each space is one nesting level.

birq - Balance IRQs: birq-1.4.0

Added by Serj Kalichev almost 3 years ago

The config file is implemented. The config file is preferred method to configure birq daemon. The command line options to set parameters is a legacy method. Use SIGHUP to re-read config file.

The 'exclude-cpus=<cpumap>' option is implemented. It allows to exclude some CPUs from the list of CPUs that process IRQs.

klish - Kommand Line Interface Shell: klish-2.1.1

Added by Serj Kalichev over 4 years ago

Bugfix release. It's recommended to update from version klish-2.1.0. The klish-2.1.1 fix regression (2.1.0) with signal handling, CDATA container (libxml2), xslt configuring. Add rtld_global=true/false attribute for PLUGIN tag.

klish - Kommand Line Interface Shell: klish-2.1.0

Added by Serj Kalichev over 4 years ago

The klish now supports XSLT transformations. The project can be build with --with-libxslt option. The XSLT engine needs libxml2 library. The clish utility has --xslt(-p) option to set stylesheet file. The embedded stylesheets is also supported.

The plugin mechanism has new CLISH_PLUGIN_OSYM() API to define ACTION functions. This mechanism allows to get all ACTION's stdout output to internal variable. VARs use this internal variable to get their values. See clish_script() function for exmaple. Such function must be added by clish_plugin_add_osym() function. The old API is also supported.


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