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Ease the use of klish as a file processor

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Under various Unixes, klish can be used as a batch file processor :

cat command_list | klish

(or, IIRC)

klish -c command_list

Some support is already here to handle this feature but that support is incomplete.

Unfortunately, there are some difficulties to overcome when used as is.

  • it seems you cannot have more that one space char before a command ; this disallow you to write a command_list which is well formatted
  • comments are quite difficult to setup ; support for various comment scheme (#, !...) could help here

While it's possible to work around these limitations, it might be a good idea to ease file processing.

The following features might be of interest :

  • add an XML tags to define the comment-start character. if the tag is not present, fallback to the default comment-start char (the tag should not appear in a view; it's effect is global ; best place to put it is in startup.xml).

For example:

<COMMENT character="#" />

If more than one COMMENT tag is found, an error occurs.

  • ignore multiple whitespace at the beginning of a line when the input comes from a file.


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Try to use:

$klish command_list

The ! is defined as:
<COMMAND name="!" help="Comments" args="args" args_help="Comments">
<------><ACTION builtin="clish_nop"/>

You can use # or anything you want. There is no builtin comment symbol in klish.

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